The city of Patras and the Rio-Antirio Bridge

Patra is the third most populated city in Greece after Athens and Thessaloniki. Patra’s port is Greece’s commercial gateway to the Western Europe as it is located 216km west to Athens and connects the mainland of Greece to Italy. It’s the birthplace of a lot of important politicians of the newer history of Greece, as it is the city from where most Greek Prime Ministers are originated.

The residents of the city are used to the earthquake that happen very frequently, causing however very small damages. Due to the frequency of the earthquakes, security measures were a big priority to the construction of the Rio - Antirio bridge, which was built in 2004, a bridge that connected Peloponnesus to Central Greece. It is 2.880 meters long, it consists of a throughway, pedestrian street, and a cycle path. It is based on only 4 pillars 65 meters down the surface of the sea. The bridge is resistant to a bigger than a 7,4 richter earthquake and 265 km/hour wind, a category 5 typhoon.

Patra is known as a very vivid city for students. There are 3 University Camps, and the streets of the city are full of young people every night. It is also famous for its Carnival, the biggest one in the country, which gathers hundreds of thousands of people from around Greece every year. MAP PATRA USEFUL: PATRA YELLOW PAGES | POPULAR SEARCHES IN PATRA

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